Code page 437

The original ASCII character set of the IBM PC was composed of the standard 7-bit ASCII table, and used the 8th bit for a combination of accented characters and box drawing symbols. The first 32 characters, which are normally control characters, were also given glyphs though, in practice, some of them couldn't be drawn to the screen or printed by printers.

As PCs debuted in other countries, the Extended ASCII portion of the table (characters 128 through 255) was modified to allow for additional accented characters or non-Latin alphabets. The original IBM PC character set became retroactively known as code page 437. The table below shows code page 437 as it appeared under each of the IBM graphics standards, but has been doubled in size for readability.

Standard: MDA (9x14) CGA (8x8) EGA (8x14) MCGA (8x16) VGA (9x16)
Columns: 16 32